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Guitar Electronics

Pro-Wired Guitar Electronics by ObsidianWire

Solder-less Guitar Electronics

ObsidianWire builds pro-wired guitar electronics with 100% solder-less connectors, for super easy install and pickup changes.
We offer a growing range of guitar and bass electronics for Strat, Tele, Bass and Les Paul, with more on the way soon.


Solder-less Install
 Solder-less Pickup Changes
 Superior Sound
 Exceptional Quality
 5 Year Warranty

Stratocaster Electronics

ObsidianWire offers a range of solder-less & pro-wired Stratocaster Electronics.

Check out our range including the super popular custom Blender Mod, and the Custom HSS set which now includes a 7-way 'Gilmour' option.

An Easy Electronics Upgrade

 I would recommend this for anyone who wants an easy way to upgrade your guitar electronics...


I have no experience with electric guitars, or any electronics for that matter, yet I was able to install the kit in under 2 minutes and it sounds amazing...

Telecaster Electronics

ObsidianWire offers a range of Tele electronics with solder-less connectors for easy install and pickup changes, including the super popular Custom 4-Way set.

We also have a range of Tele pickups to complete a full Telecaster Electronics over hall.

Quality Parts

Very solid electronics. You can tell quality parts are installed on the unit.


Easy to install and great sound with quality parts! I'm now a life long customer.

Les Paul Electronics

ObsidianWire offers a range of solder-less and pro-wired Les Paul Electronics.

Check out the Custom SC for split coil wiring and the all new Vintage MKII for switchable 50s/60s LP wiring.

Superior Sound

Well worth the money! Easy to install Sounds awesome...


Sounds fantastic, and what an incredible amount of sounds you can get out of this harness...

Bass Electronics

View ObsidianWires range of solder-less & pro-wired bass electronics.

We currently offer Electronics for Jazz Bass and P Bass, along with a range of pickups for a full bass electronics upgrade.

ObsidianWire Solder-less wiring harness for HSS Stratocaster. Full sized banner image.

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